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michele josephine mclaverty

Looking for family I've been an orphan since 1970

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Anne janowiak

Liked your books and films. I have returned from USA and just wanted to say hi.
I worked with you and Anne back in the late 60,s and remember the craic. Hope
you and family are keeping well.
Anne ( nee. Nevin)

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Louis Arata
Chicago, IL

Dear Mr MacLaverty,
Last night I picked up Grace Notes, which I read when it first came out, and I was
immediately pulled in again. I currently work in a Community Music program which
offers lessons to children and adults, and seeing how music is so important to each of
them makes me want to share your novel with all the students.

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Good to hear from you. And good to hear that you are involving students in the world of Grace Notes. I have another short story 'My Dear Palestrina', which is set in a world where music is important. Perhaps you might like to read that? It was first published in a collection 'A Time to Dance', then later in my 'Collected Stories' ( Vintage). Good luck with whatever you do.


Laurie Lico Albanese
Stonecoast in Ireland / Montclair, NJ

Hello Bernard, thank you so
very much for your wonderful
reading at Stonecoast in
Ireland. We loved having
your charming self among us.
Hearing your charming self
read The Clinic aloud was a
great treat and honor.

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It was good to be there in the January sunshine of Howth eating and drinking and talking - however meanderingly.


Jack Shea
Rumson, New Jersey

Mr. MacLaverty:

We have been teaching your novel Cal for a number of years now, and the text has
always been well-received by the students.

The novel, along with Ariel Dorfman's play Death and the Maiden, have been
targeted by a community member for potential removal from our curriculum because
of language and issues related to the depiction of sex.

The individual set up an on-line petition which resulted in an opposing on-line petition.
The comments in both petitions have been interesting to follow. ition/rfh-mandatory-reading-assignments titioning-the-rfh-reading-assignments-pe tition

If you wish to learn more about the situation, please reach out to me.

Slán agat!

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Bernadette matthews Bernadettematthews@outlook.

Dear mr mcLaverty
This is a very belated thak
you for your encouragement
and support of a group of
aspiring writers in Ireland
many years ago. It is also to
say I hope you are keeping
very well and stay keeping
that way

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Jim Mulligan
Aberdour, Fife

Hi Bernard,
Thanks for the reply about your readings - we could be persuaded to head to Ireland if
we had enough notice of your schedule.
We were once on the tandem (1995?)when we were startled to see you in a small Irish
town - as we cycled by we both had a double take! At the Edinburgh Book Festival the
next year you confirmed our sighting and said that you were checking out some family
history - we just cannot remember the town.
Best wishes,

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Jim Mulligan

Hi Bernard,
I have been tasked by my wife to find out if you are at any book festivals this year. I
proudly reported that you were at Lochwinnoch in March, and fully expected plaudits,
but she is away with work then.
Have you got any plans for readings later in the year?
It's years since we have been at your readings and we are getting withdrawal
Best wishes,

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Apologies for the delay but there was a cyber hitch on this guestbook.

The only readings - apart from Lochwinnoch, are in Ireland. But maybe that will change. Thanks for you support.

Fran Mulhern

Hey Bernard

I missed you at Litfest this year - I'm
doing the Creative Writing MA at
Lancaster. My project here is a
novel with a contemporary Belfast
setting but with flashbacks to wrest
Belfast in the 80s and 90s. I'm on the
second draft, hope to gave it
finished by next September and it's
been really well received in
workshops here. I'm not asking you
to read anything, but I'd love to hear
from you - my MA has started to
make me feel like part of a family of
Irish writers, which has been great.
Read Cal, Lamb (went to CBS myself!
) and Walking The Dog - working my
way through the rest. Really
enjoying them and they've been
really useful in helping me place my
own work. Thanks!

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Sorry we missed at Lancaster.

Glad you've enjoyed some of the work.
Good luck with your own vision of Belfast

Laura McCann
Trinity High School, Cambuslang, Glasgow

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have contacted the Scottish Book Trust this morning and I await their reply. I have noted, however, that their deadline for funding for this session 2014-2015 has expired. Fingers crossed I can get something arranged. My students will be thrilled to hear you have replied to our message.

Thanks again,

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