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Springing out of the fear and violence of Ulster, Cal  is a haunting love story in a land where tenderness and innocence can only flicker briefly in the dark.

"As dark a coming of age novel as can be imagined."  Belfast Telegraph (October 26 2013)


"To fashion a short, telling novel out of the hideous  complexities of  Northern Ireland takes narrative skill of a high order. In  CAL Bernard MacLaverty has managed to do it superbly."

Nina Bawden in The Daily Telegraph (13.1.83)


"... a tiny marvel of technical perfection... CAL is a most moving novel   whose   emotional  impact  is  grounded   in   a   complete avoidance of sentimentality... CAL will become the PASSAGE TO INDIA of the Troubles."

Michael Gorra in The New York Times Book Review (21.8.83)