The Great Profundo

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The Great Profundo

THE GREAT PROFUNDO and Other Stories

Cape /Blackstaff Press/Vintage(1987)

On the fringes of society, the characters of Bernard MacLaverty's stories are forced to seek consolation as best as they can. Ranging from the deserted windswept coast of a troubled Ireland to the sun-drenched landscapes of Portugal, Bernard MacLaverty portrays the insecurity and flickering hope of the afflicted and estranged with deep compassion and gentle irony.


"Full   of  poignancy  and  grit...eleven  pieces  which  mark   an advance  in  the  work  of  one  of  our  finest  writers,  a  unique sensibility  who is, surely now, our shrewdest and most  sensitive explorer of the inwardness of lives."

Tom Adair in The Scotsman (21.11.87)


"We're  in the hands of a master here... peerless  short  fiction... MacLaverty writes the way most people breathe - easily,  deeply, like it was the most life-affirming activity in the world."

The Good Book Guide (August 1988)



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